God's Spoken Word
Sis Anne Marie Clarke

As They Went-Keith Moore
from Trinidad

Father GOD, I thank you for waking me up this morning, for giving me your breath of life. I praise and glorify your Holy Name! For you ALONE deserve ALL the Glory and the Honour! Thank you LORD for who you are! Perfect! Beautiful Being! You are Love, because that is one of your characteristics. Thank you FATHER GOD! Blessed be your Holy Name! Hallelujah!

Greetings to you my beloved fellow saints in the wonderful and precious name of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! Today I am sharing on the Word “The Power of Submission- an unpopular subject.” Most of the times we choose whom we should submit to, allowing the spirit of pride and rebellion to have its way in our spiritual lives. Be blessed, encouraged and edified! Let us place the mirror before ourselves to see if we are measuring up to GOD’s Word in this area! Hallelujah!

Most of us have our own ideas about what this Word means. Interpretations vary from person to person. Some of us conveniently omit from the meaning the parts we do not like and cut and shape the meaning to suit our own fancy; but what does it mean to submit yourself to another human being?

Webster’s dictionary gives the meaning of ‘submit’ as follows to yield or surrender; to commit to the discretion or decision of another or of others. What are we to yield or surrender? Our desires and preferences; what we would like or are desirous of doing. It means that we must be willing to put ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas ‘under’ someone else and their thoughts and ideas. In other words we have to put the wants of someone else before our own wants; we would have to do things the way another person would want it done.
From it meaning we can understand why ‘submission’ is not a popular word in our vocabulary and would not easily catch our attention. Ask the average leader and they will tell you that it will not rate very highly as a topic for discussion.
It’s unpopularity stems from the fact that it tends to interfere with some heart issues like pride and rebellion which are not easily relinquished; it challenges the way we think; it silently suggests that we make adjustments to how we view others; it attempts to break some of our mindsets which we probably had since childhood and puts us in a position where we seem to be less in control that we have ever been. This is difficult because, generally, we all want to feel we are in control. Being in control gives us a sense of power. When we feel that we are under the control of another person, the fear of being in bondage steps in. The very thought of putting the desires, ideas or ways of another person before our own, seems to take something away from us, robbing us of our sense of value rather than adding to our lives. It tends to make us feel ‘lesser’ than the other person and powerless, which seems to be a backward move! Surely, that can bring us no joy!
In Hebrews 13:17 the instruction is; ‘Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves; for they watch for your souls, as the must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief for that is unprofitable for you.’
The original word for ‘submit; in this text is hupeiko; hupo means under and eiko means to yield. So that this text says we must yield ourselves under those who are in authority over us. We are uncomfortable because it seems to put us ‘under’; but all our lives we have been taught that the place to aim for is the top and when we get there we should stay there, no matter what. And we have set our heart and soul on getting to the ‘top’. We have told just about everyone around us that we are on our way there! So we are not at all thrilled to hear that on our way up the spiritual, business or career ladder, moving towards our own success story, we have to tread carefully and assume a humble posture internally in our heart and externally in our actions and behaviour.
For some, yielding themselves to another human being is scary! They believe it will not be long before they become the proverbial ‘doormat’, and that is not quite the image they are aiming for! That might have been the case if there were no boundaries and we just had to submit to anything, anywhere and anytime. That simply is not so! Submission is not about being ‘underfoot’ and agreeing to being at someone else’s mercy. There are parameters that must be set and observed by all parties. Interestingly enough, we would have no problem with everyone else yielding to us. 

Then there are those who agree that people should submit, but only those who are employed as servants or domestic helpers, caretakers, housekeepers and gardeners, etc. They see it as a valuable lesson for young children and adolescents, but not to be taken seriously as a principle by which educated adults should live.

FATHER GOD, I thank you for your Word, your truth, so that we may place the mirror before our lives, to see if it is in alignment with your Word and Will for our lives. We thank you for the person of the ‘HOLY SPIRIT’ that will help convict us and that we may submit to HIS leadings in ALL areas and apply your Word through your spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding in our lives. Thank you FATHER GOD! All Honour and Glory belongs to you! Hallelujah!


FATHER GOD I thank you for this day! Blessed be your HOLY Name! LORD God you alone are HOLY and RIGHTEOUS! As I sing praises unto your name and exalt you on high! Wonderful Saviour and Master! All Honour and Glory belongs to you! Blessed is Our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! Hallelujah!

Blessings and love to you all! Today I am sharing on Part 2 of the powerful word “The Power of Submission” which I know a lot of us, do not like to hear this particular message, because it means putting to death the flesh, the carnal mind, giving up your freedom of will to others, but importantly it is submitting to GOD’s will for our lives. Be Blessed! Encouraged and Edified as we all learn to submit. Shalom!

Why learn about Submission?
Why should we learn about submission? Because as we shall see, it affects our lives in just about every area. We stand to gain tremendous benefits if we do it, and we affect our lives negatively if we don’t, so it is worth learning about because at some time we will come face to face with it in some way. If we think about it we will realise that almost daily we are faced with some situation where we must submit ourselves to another person. When we visit the doctor’s office, without even thinking we submit to a medical examination. We do the same at the dentist, optometrist, therapist, masseur, etc. We listen to their opinion and follow their advice, generally without argument, submitting ourselves to all kinds of procedures, including surgery. Thus, in a sense, submission is really a part of our everyday life. There are some things we can learn today that if we should forget after a while, do not have serious implications. Not so with submission! When we read the Scriptures, it should not be difficult to see that this is an attitude, a way of life that is very important in the eyes of GOD.

What does GOD say About It? – The Godhead observes the law of Submission
1 Corinthians 11:3 states “the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is GOD.” It is interesting to see that GOD Himself observes this law while JESUS walked the earth, HE remained totally submitted to HIS FATHER in heaven. HE did nothing except what HE saw the FATHER do. Just as CHRIST submitted HIMSELF to HIS FATHER, so too must man submit himself to GOD.

We must Submit Ourselves to GOD!
First of all it is an attitude that GOD has commanded us to have towards Himself, if we are going to build a lasting relationship with HIM and if we are to enjoy a victorious life. 
James 4:7 states – “Submit yourselves to therefore to GOD. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” The Greek word here for ‘submit’ is hupotasso, which is primarily a military term and gives the idea of keeping rank and respecting it. It means ‘to obey’, ‘to be under obedience’, ‘to be put under’, ‘to subdue unto’ and ‘to subject to’. For anyone to enter into the Kingdom of GOD, he must first submit himself to the lordship of JESUS CHRIST. With all his good works and charitable deeds, feeding the poor and hungry, visiting the sick and clothing the naked, he must still accept JESUS CHRIST as his Saviour, confess him as LORD and surrender his life to HIM.  

For the backslider to return to the LORD, he must first submit himself to GOD before he can really flee the devil. The devil does not leave voluntarily! Those who have turned away from GOD have to make a decision to return to HIM. They must turn their backs on all that the devil is offering and be willing to let GOD’s Word rule in their lives, trusting HIM with EVERYTHING and in ALL things. For a believer in JESUS CHRIST to remain saved, he must endure to the end, staying in complete submission to GOD no matter what circumstances or situations life may bring, knowing from whose he will receive his eternal reward.

The Bible says that GOD is not the author of confusion. HE does not bless or support chaos and disorder. When we submit to parental or governmental authority, church leadership or headship in the home, we are saying that we are in agreement with the structure and order that GOD has put in place and that we are willing to abide by it. GOD cast Lucifer out of heaven because he was out of order. He became filled with pride and was seeking to exalt himself above his given position and authority. In doing this he had ceased to submit to Almighty GOD, the CREATOR of ALL things. As special as he was the Sun of the Morning Glory was no longer fit to stay in the presence of GOD and he was banished for all eternity. GOD saw that if HIS created beings did not submit to HIS authority, there would be disorder in heaven. To be effective, every structure must have order. We will not have order if people do not submit themselves to authority.

FATHER GOD, I thank you for your Word! Thank you for allowing this Word to minister to us, to search and see the areas where we have not submitted to you! By your grace, I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me! I choose to obey and follow your will, in JESUS’s Mighty Name! Amen! Glory to the KING of KINGS! Hallelujah! Be Blessed and Encouraged!