God's Spoken Word
Sis Anne Marie Clarke

from Trinidad


We Bless your Holy Name Oh Lord! We honor and glorify you Who can compare to you! No one else, for you are the Alpha and the Omega! And we thank you LORD for your spiritual understanding and wisdom, so we look to you Oh GOD! We thank you for unveiling yourself

And we ask you for this, that we might see the way you are, in the name of Jesus. GOD may you fill our eyes, may you fill our minds consistently, may you become our desires continually, may you become our thoughts, our imagination, may you become our cravings, may you become our only need, and our only satisfaction, and the sum total of all our desires, and in the name of Jesus Christ.  

We are asking these things because this is your desire, this is what you want of us and LORD we ask that you draw us away from the focus that draws us from everything else and the one main focus in the name of Jesus! We thank you for all the gifts you have given to us, we thank you for the abilities you have given to us, but LORD none of this never compare with just you yourself, and that to us is what is most important, 

we are asking that it be stirred inside of us to the point that it really consumes our being LORD, that wherever we go, whomever we stand before, whose company we are in and that the greatest joy of our lives will become the language from our lips. GOD we ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ! We ask for a passion for you that will never cease! that everyday it will continue to increase LORD, and will free us from religions of men.  

Father we ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ! We are not asking for riches, not asking for money, we are not asking for silver and gold. We are asking for the greatest riches and that is you LORD, none of the things you made can be compared to you, as beautiful as they are, as valuable as they are, it cannot be compared to you. LORD it takes the most beautiful one to create all that is beautiful! 
Thank you Father GOD! Thank you Father GOD! Hallelujah!

It is all about the GOD of Abraham, the GOD of Isaac, and the GOD of Jacob! What do we need more than HIM? what is our greatest passion? Oh I want to see him! I understood what Paul said, “Oh that I may know HIM, with all the revelation, with all the mysteries, with all that HE was able to explain by the Holy Spirit! You cannot quench that cry that says “Oh that I may know HIM! but the more we know, is the more, there is to know about GOD! 

Finite minds cannot understand perfection, only perfection can create in a finite mind that would understand perfection, so we want to ask GOD for the language that we could really communicate fully, all that we feel inside and we want to see HIM manifested around us, in us, among us, not when we are dead, but while we are still alive, putting aside everything else, what we think we may need, and throwing aside every religious concept.

We want to acknowledge and take a hold that GOD is our greatest knowledge! Our greatest desire! Our greatest satisfaction! Our greatest peace! Our greatest song O Lord! Our Joy! Our greatest pleasure! That is what HE wants and when we come before HIM! that is what HE shall get! We are a worship unto HIM! All Glory and Honor belongs to HIM! and HIS name shall be exalted ALL across the earth! HALLELUJAH!


1 "Oh, SING to the LORD a new song! For HE has done MARVELOUS things; HIS right hand and HIS HOLY arm have gained HIM the VICTORY! 2 The LORD has made KNOWN HIS salvation! HIS Righteousness HE has REVEALED in the sight of the NATIONS! 3 HE has remembered HIS mercy and HIS faithfulnes to the house of Israel; ALL the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our GOD! 4 Shout JOYFULY to the LORD, ALL the earth! Break forth in Song, REJOICE, and SING PRAISES! 5 Sing to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of a PSALM! With trumpets and the sound of a horn; Shout JOYFULLY before the LORD, the KING! 7 Let the sea ROAR! and ALL its FULLNES! The world and those who DWELL in it! 8 Let the rivers clap their hands; Let the hills be JOYFUL together before the LORD! 9 For HE is comin to JUDGE the earth with RIGHTEOUSNESS HE shall JUDGE the world, And the peoples with EQUITY!"