God's Spoken Word
Sis Anne Marie Clarke

As They Went-Keith Moore
from Trinidad

O Holy Saviour! I acknowledge you as my FATHER Lord GOD! I thank you for this day for breathing your life into me. I thank you for your Word, O Lord, to edify us, let your will be done through us in JESUS’s Mighty Name! Amen!

Blessed day my fellow brethren. I felt in my heart to share on the Spirit of Distraction, especially in these Times and Seasons to make us aware how subtle the enemy comes in like a flood, to throw us off course that will lead us to abort purpose.
So be blessed! Encouraged and let the Spirit of Discernment ARISE!
To guard against the Spirit of Distraction means to be on the look-out e.g. like a security guard. This guard does not go off duty. It has to be a consistent watch 24 hours. Nothing comes in or nothing is taken out. Many of us are not consistent in our faith and consistent means to be continually obeying, a confident trust in GOD requires consistency, that we do not believe GOD today and doubt GOD tomorrow, meaning their confident trust in HIM, HIS directions, HIS Word, HIS instructions. Many are not consistent, there is a lack of consistency. Nothing can increase or come to fullness without consistency.
Consistency means I maintain my stride on every step until I get to the top. Nothing can increase or come to fullness without consistency. GOD is emphasizing the importance of consistency as opposed to distraction. Consistency is a continual walk, it is a continual faith walk. The more we meditate upon it, it is the more it expands. It is consistency which brings into fullness that which began. Something began, so in order for it to come to fullness, ripeness; there has to be consistency. We are to be the ones who are consistent, making us the platform, making it “The way of Life!”

Distraction is the killer of consistency. The moment we yield to distraction, we turn our eyes from destination and you are caught as it were in the snare of distraction. Distraction is the killer of consistency! It stops the process, the progress, you are not moving forward. Lack of consistency aborts the completion of what has begun. Distraction is the killer of consistency and the lack of consistency aborts the completion.
Whenever a people becomes distracted they are carried away by what has carried them. We have a CHOICE to submit to the distraction, which will carry you away from whatever that distraction is, literally pulling you away from the path of whatever that distraction is. Whatever that thought is, it took you away from faith believing, of what GOD requires, so that thing has become your occupation, your mind, your focus is on that; not GOD, faith, not on serving GOD and sometimes our own selves becomes a distraction. The enemy shows to us as to what GOD is saying to us. What is my part in it and the ‘me’ becomes your distraction. You are consumed by that, since there is no consistency in faith, there is distraction so your whole soul is distracted, your mind and when your mind becomes infected then words which are the vehicle of the thoughts begin to come faith in the vein of that actions and action begin to follow that way of distraction, that we have yielded to. Our words are married to our actions, which shows, which have shifted and we have been carried away, so we sit down in a rocking chair and we focus on that which has distracted us, without knowing we have been caught in the snare of the ‘spirit of distraction.’ GOD wants us to see the distraction in it how dangerous, it is.

Distraction is a time waster. Time is given to continue what has begun until it is completed, so the duration of the time given to us is for purpose, and it was designed to fulfil certain purposes of GOD in that time frame. Distraction comes and waste your time. It takes your mind off the goal and the focus on GOD. GOD wants us to focus on HIM. All we have is our lifetime. We must become militant in our stand against distraction. GOD is showing us the strategy of the enemy. The word militant gives us as a sense of aggression. It exist to abort purpose to cause us to squander. Militancy should be our stand. We must be consistent in our love for GOD. Lack of consistency leads to abortion. To be consistent requires our will. The strength of a man is his will, his choice, will and commitment, that is like a seal.

There are four (4) key elements, that we must apply daily.
Will (which is our choices)
Focus (so that everything that comes clearly in view)

These four elements makes us unstoppable, irresistible every step that we make must be militant. Success is based upon completing what has been given. One of the greatest challenge is distraction. It exists to abort purpose. It is like a disease. Be aware and allow the spirit of discernment to Arise!

Father GOD I thank you for this Word, that all of us would be aware and do not allow the Spirit of Distraction to take us away from our journey or to abort purpose in JESUS’s Mighty Name! Amen!