God's Spoken Word
Sis Anne Marie Clarke

As They Went-Keith Moore
from Trinidad

Thank you FATHER GOD for breathing your life into me to see another day, to live my life daily as a worship unto you. Thank you FATHER, for moulding, fashioning and shaping me into your image and likeness. Thank you FATHER GOD for who you are! Beautiful, loving and merciful Saviour! Glory to you GOD in the Highest! Hallelujah!
Greetings to you my beloved brethren. Today I share on part 3 of “Things that hinder our prayer” taken from the Book “The Way of Life – Vol. 1” by Prophet Laymouth Sandy. Be Blessed, Encouraged and Edified as we learn what things hinder our Prayer to GOD.
GOD said through the prophet Isaiah, “This is the reason why things continue as they are. Your hands are filled with blood. Your injustice, and your lawlessness has caused My hand to be diminished. Not that I could not save you; My power remains the same, My strength remains the same, but because you turned your ears from hearing My instructions, your prayers are detestable to Me. I do not want to hear it. But if you repent of your sins, if you listen to My instructions you will see My hand.
The LORD is saying, hindrance to prayer is based on our response to His principles. I know that none of us wants our prayers to be hindered. GOD is saying to us, “I too, do not want it to be hindered, but once you remove that which is detestable to Me, you will see the manifestation of My favour in the midst of life’s situations.”
The written Word of GOD has already explained to us what is detestable to Him. It explains what His desires are, what His will is, what He has commanded. So it is not difficult for us to know them. They are all written in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and through the power of HIS Spirit we will receive illumination, which will enable us to decode what has already been written in the Bible. We will be able to say like David, “Because we did not cherish iniquity in our hearts the Lord has surely listened and heard the voice of our prayer.”

I trust that in our prayer and communication with GOD, we would ensure that whatever we may have done, we would ask the Lord to forgive us. Once we have done that, GOD is a forgiving GOD; He forgives. GOD is a merciful GOD; He will have mercy on us, GOD is a gracious GOD; He will manifest His grace towards us. As long as we do our part, we will see the continual manifestation of GOD’s favour in our lives.

May the prayer of our hearts be like that of the Psalms of David, “Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Psalm 139:23-24).

GOD’s way is HIS Word, it leads to righteousness and righteousness is the everlasting way of the LORD. GOD will respond as He did to David, for He desires truth from the inward parts. (Psalm 51:6).
The cloud which separated us from GOD, and causes our prayers to be hindered, will no longer stand between us and GOD. And we will see the manifestation of our prayers, because GOD listens and hears the prayer of the upright. I trust that we are motivated by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, through the understanding given to us from the Word of GOD.
FATHER GOD, I thank you for your Word as we all re-examine ourselves to see where we have caused hindrance to our prayer. Thank you FATHER GOD as we strive to learn of your Word to us and to apply it. Thank you FATHER GOD! Hallelujah!