God's Spoken Word
Sis Anne Marie Clarke

As They Went-Keith Moore
from Trinidad

FATHER GOD, I thank you for waking me up this morning to see a brand new day, that I may praise and glorify you O LORD! Thank you FATHER GOD for who you are! Your mercies endureth forever! LORD I thank you from a grateful heart, for you ALONE are worthy to be praised! Glory! Hallelujah to the most High GOD!

Haaaaaaaapppy New Year 2015 to my beloved fellow brethren. This is my first posting for the New Year 2015. I want to thank Br. Kevin Osmond and the hard working team, all the other writers and contributers to this website, that we all remain humble and faithful in posting on various topics to bring the Word of the LORD, through prayer and all the other areas, edifying and encouraging all the persons that visit the website. GOD alone should be glorified, hallelujah! Today I share on the topic “Things that hinder our Prayer – Part 1” taken from the book “The Way of Life – Volume 1” by Prophet Laymouth Sandy. Be Blessed, Encouraged and Edified as you are ministered to.

We are so thankful to GOD for the revelation that HE has given to us, which is designed to accurately position us so that our prayers would be effective. Now we want to look at the things that can cause one’s prayer to be hindered.
Many times we have prayed and at times it seems as if there is no answer to our prayer. GOD has given us understanding so that we may know what will make our prayer effective and what would cause our prayers to be hindered.
Prayer can be hindered by obstacles in our personal lives, by things that we allow and by things that violate the principles of GOD. In order for prayer to be heard or in order for prayer to have its full impact, these obstacles need to be removed. Disobedience of any kind that is not repented of, can breech our relationship with GOD. It may be selfishness or fleshly desires, deceit or rebellion. In (Psalm 66 verse 18-19) the Word of GOD tells us, 
“If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened; but God has surely listened and has heard the voice of my prayer.” (NIV)
He said if I had not been willing to abandon all forms of rebellion, the LORD would not have heard me. That is, He will not regard and answer my prayer. The idea is: in order that prayer may be heard or regarded, there must be a willingness on our part to forsake everything that violates the principles of GOD. This is an important principle in regard to prayer.
The Word of GOD says, if I had cherished sin in my heart, GOD will not hear. The Word of GOD tells us that GOD has all power and that He sees ALL things. But He operates by principles. Disobedience can block our prayer and hinder the favour of GOD from flowing in our lives. Isaiah – the prophet – told the people before whom he stood, the reason why their prayer was not heard, with a view to bringing them to conviction and repentance. Their sins had separated them from GOD according to (Isaiah 59 verses 1 – 2). The prophet Isaiah declared, “The Lord’s hand is not shortened….” Meaning that it was not because GOD was unable to save that they had seen punished. The “hand” in the scriptures is an emblem of strength. To shorten the hand is an emblem of diminishing His strength. It was not that He was less able to save them than He had in former times. The prophet said your iniquities have separated you from your GOD. The word ‘iniquity’ means unrighteousness, lawlessness, sin. The word ‘separated’ conveys the idea of division usually by a certain or a wall, something which comes between their sins were like a partition between them and GOD.  
The prophet says, for your sins have hid His face from you. Your disobedience, your rebellion, your iniquity have hid His face. It was not that GOD had turned His face from them. The metaphor used here speaks of something that comes between two persons, like a dense cloud between them and GOD; they had no clear view of Him and no contact with Him. As a cloud hides the sun from us, so our sins can block the favour of GOD from being manifested in our lives. For example: the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky. Then suddenly a cloud comes. The sun is still there – it has not moved – but because of the cloud which came between you and the sun, there is coolness. You cannot see the sun. You know the sun is there, but the cloud obscured your view of it. 

What the prophet is saying that their disobedience was like a cloud that came between them and GOD. He said, “Your sins have separated you from God. Your sins hid His face from you.” Not that God turned His face, but he said your sins are responsible for that and, as a result, it has hindered your prayer.

FATHER GOD, I thank you for your Word, that shows us what hinders our prayer, that we may place the mirror before ourselves and examine our hearts, why our prayers were hindered FATHER GOD. I thank you for all that you are doing in our lives, that we may know you daily and what pleased and displeased you. Thank you FATHER GOD! Hallelujah!