God's Spoken Word
Sis Anne Marie Clarke

from Trinidad

FATHER GOD I thank you for who you are! Blessed is your HOLY NAME! O GOD I thank you for your breath of LIFE to see another beautiful day! For you are my STRENGTH! My STRONG TOWER! My JOY! My PEACE! My PROVIDER! The LOVER of My SOUL! Thank you FATHER GOD! Blessed is your HOLY Name! Greetings to my fellow brethren! Today I would be sharing on “Conquering our circumstances!” And I felt that GOD wants to REMIND us that we still DO NOT BELIEVE and TRUST HIM! We are still very much FOCUSED on our FEARS and CIRCUMSTANCES that surround us! HE wants us to CAST it off and FOCUS our eyes on HIM Always! We are to ALWAYS REMEMBER where and what HE brought us out off! Be Blessed! Encouraged! and Edified! As we CAST ALL our BURDENS on HIM! Hallelujah!
Things DON’T always go as planned. Many circumstances we encounter in life appear to be absolutely uncontrollable. Businesses go bankrupt, employees get fired, students get passed over for scholarships, plans fail, friends move away, and athletes lose games. Life DOES NOT always go the way we WANT it to go! One of the inevitable facts of life is that sooner or later we will find ourselves in circumstances over which we have NO CONTROL! For instance, we did not CHOOSE who our parents would be. We did not CHOOSE when and where we would be born or the circumstances surrounding our births. ALL of these things are the cards that we have been dealt in life.

But how we play them, the hand we make them, is our CHOICE! Our lives are littered with CIRCUMSTANCES we CANNOT Control! However, the message is not LEARNING how to CONTROL our CIRCUMSTANCES but about CONQUERING them! To CONTROL circumstances implies that you can guide, direct, and manipulate things, but to CONQUER means that we PREVAIL, SUCCEED, ACHIEVE, ACQUIRE, TAKE OVER, OBTAIN, and OVERCOME! We WIN despite the CIRCUMSTANCES! And while we cannot CONTROL what happens around us or to us, we can ALWAYS manage what happens to us. If we can just KEEP the FAITH, If we can CLING to the HOPE in GOD! If we can ENDURE the night, If we can only WALK through the VALLEY of the SHADOW of DEATH! If we can WEATHER the STORM, If we can BRAVE the HARDSHIPS! If we can just HOLD out until tomorrow! Because if we BELIEVE! TRUST and only ALLOW the LORD of HOSTS to Guide! Lead and carry us through! We would LEARN NOT how to CONTROL our CIRCUMSTANCES, but how to CONQUER them! We can learn this lesson from the testimony of a man named Joseph. Joseph was not given and ideal set of circumstances in life, but because of his inner resources, he was able to persevere, hold on, keep his chin up, continue hopeful, remain consistent, and TRUST GOD! To work things out in due season. His life was peppered with adversity and hardship. We have all known people who have had to OVERCOME great adversity and incredible hardships in order to LIVE HAPPY LIVES!

Happiness in not found in the absence of struggle, conflict, and pain, but happiness is discovered in the DETERMINATION to STAY with the struggle, work through the conflict, bear the pain, and come out on the other side someway, somehow!
Thank you HOLY SPIRIT for your Heart! For your Word! In how you feel towards our RESPONSE to you in the midst of trials and circumstances that may SURROUND us! LORD increase our FAITH to UNWAVERING FAITH in you! Blessed be you O LORD for ALL the GLORY and HONOUR belongs to you! Thank you FATHER! Blessed be your HOLY Name!


1 "Oh, SING to the LORD a new song! For HE has done MARVELOUS things; HIS right hand and HIS HOLY arm have gained HIM the VICTORY! 2 The LORD has made KNOWN HIS salvation! HIS Righteousness HE has REVEALED in the sight of the NATIONS! 3 HE has remembered HIS mercy and HIS faithfulnes to the house of Israel; ALL the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our GOD! 4 Shout JOYFULY to the LORD, ALL the earth! Break forth in Song, REJOICE, and SING PRAISES! 5 Sing to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of a PSALM! With trumpets and the sound of a horn; Shout JOYFULLY before the LORD, the KING! 7 Let the sea ROAR! and ALL its FULLNES! The world and those who DWELL in it! 8 Let the rivers clap their hands; Let the hills be JOYFUL together before the LORD! 9 For HE is comin to JUDGE the earth with RIGHTEOUSNESS HE shall JUDGE the world, And the peoples with EQUITY!"